Wednesday, January 18, 2012

C'était ici - Yann Tiersen

In the winter I like nothing more than a pair of plump, healthy looking lips. I might feel like I'm freezing to death but I'd prefer to look rosy cheeked and flushed. Through the years I've tried a large amount of tinted lip balms and glosses and none of them have had a lasting mark with me (with the exception of good old Burts Bees). Has anyone tried Korres USA? Any feedback? Lara, I'm looking at you, beauty queen . . . who will have BEAUTIFUL babies.


L.R. said...

Heheh! I haven't tried them yet (a friend loves a dif kind of lip balm they have). Sephora has it for $12 and it has great reviews!

Thanks for the sweet comment by the way! Yay for beautiful babies!!!

Peas said...

I got a free sample from Korres last time I was at Sephora. It was some stupid pomegranate face primer. It does what every other face product does. Absolutely nothing. Pretty packaging though. And the lip stuff might still work.

K.Line said...

I own this and, while I LOVE Korres, gotta say I don't really use this product. It's too goopy in the pot and then I have to figure out what to do with the colour on my fingers. It's not bad though. (Not intense, either. So if you're looking for lots of stain, it isn't in this product.)