Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby I Got Your Money - ODB

A good friend who is living in one of the world's most expensive cities, asked me recently for some tips on saving money. Now those that know me and read this blog, are snort laughing, having just read those words. Soda is covering a computer screen somewhere. I know I have a clothing and shoe problem. However when I can reign in that bit of excess, I'm pretty good at saving my cash flow. So here are five random tips from my brain to yours. I'll limit it to five so this doesn't get preachy and boring. How cool is that grenade bank?

1. Never use an ATM which charges a fee. It's YOUR money, why should you pay to retrieve it? You're better off buying something small from Whole Foods and getting cash back (if you're in a crunch). At least you get something out of the deal.

2. Avoid using credit cards for frivolous purchases. Use your bank card. Meaning if you don't have the cash in the bank, you don't need it. It's much easier to keep track of your spending this way.

3. When you grocery shop, set a limit and stick to it (I suggest $40 per a trip but for a city dweller, make that $60). See how creative you can get on stretching those dolla dolla bills, yo.

4. Prepare two large dishes (a pasta and a casserole) at home on your least busiest day and eat it for lunch and dinner for most of the week. I enjoy this Sunday evening tradition of listening to music and cooking. Having premade meals saves me a metric boatload of time on top of money.

5. Brew your own coffee at home three times a week and take a thermos to work. The smell is hypnotic and wakes you pleasantly while saving you moulah. Starbucks should be a rare treat. (Which means you'll enjoy it more when you give in to the urge. Or maybe you'll stop wanting it at all).

(Photos: from links and Traveler as well as That Kind of Woman)


L.R. said...

best tips ever!

Amanda said...

really good tips. i need to try harder to avoid atms that aren't my bank. once i pay off my last credit card, i'm giving myself strict rules on when i use it!