Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Memoryhouse - To The Lighthouse (Millionyoung Remix)

Honestly WTF was so kind to post the most updated photos of Marni for H&M and all I can think is "Honestly, WTF is wrong with me? Why don't I want any of this?"

'Tis a peculiar thing when you feel you've outgrown something you once loved. Marni has been one of my favorite brands, easily since 2003 perhaps? This collaboration would have 21-year-old me, daydreaming about it day and night. But maybe it's because I'm older. Or maybe it's because I have two pairs of fantastic Marni shoes and a beautiful blouse which I treasure. Or maybe it's because I just don't want as much as I wanted in the past. But either way, I guess I kind of shrugged my shoulders when I saw these photos. Though I said it once and I'll say it again, the accessories are where I'm hedging my bets. Those necklaces look ace!

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