Thursday, February 2, 2012

Perfume - The Jesus and Mary Chain


Well I am having a particularly miserable week. The usual. Self loathing, breaking up with people you actually like because you're scared of whatever. General awfulness. Which of course means it's time for a give away. This the first ever for So Much To Come but I think these things are imperative because my readers are my friends and I've got way too much shit.

Today's giveaway is a bottle of Chloe. That's right kids, Chloe perfume. That overpriced stuff you always douse yourself in right before you walk out of Saks Fifth Avenue. It's 3/4s full (because it's mine but it's perfectly fine, I just got tired of the scent). The top has some tarnish to it, which will look perfect on your vintage dresser.

How do you win it? Leave me a comment before February 14th (the worst day in the history of days) and tell me about your week. Worst week wins (like the infamous brownie scene from Notting Hill). Ready . . . set . . . whine!

(Don't forget to leave a blog or an email address so I can get your real address to send your prize for being worst off than I am.) Good luck! xoxo.


lsaspacey said...

On the left of that picture is Hugh Bonneville, the now Lord of Downton Abbey! He certainly got better looking as he got older.

Angie Stewart said...

Figures! I had one of the best weeks in a LONG time (boy I liked kissed me after a picnic, don't have to do real estate loans at work anymore, found $20 in a jacket, discovered starbucks iced via coffee) and you're having this super awesome contest.

Does that count in some way? I suppose not. Well I have until the 14th for things to get back to normal...

etoilee8 said...

Angie you can totally enter. I'm so happy you're having a wonderful week (that sounds great especially the kiss). Tell me about a crappy one. You too Isaspacey!

Lynd said...

I can tell you my worst week. (This was the last week)
It turned out that I may not pursue my studies on the college. I can’t tell to my parents, because they kill me.

I have no chance to find work quickly
There are -25 degrees outside. Brrr.
I haven’t boyfriend and i like a boy, but i don't know to trust him because he lies constantly.

I decided so, that all this i don't care, beacause the life is a roller coaster.
I hope that the next period will be right.
The things are resolve sometimes, need patience only.
I'm not scared and wait for the positive things to my life. I try to work for my dreams.

etoilee8 said...

And we have a winner! Lynd, I'm shooting you an email to send your your prize!