Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rainbow Conversation - Stereolab

Or maybe it's this. Maybe it's that all I crave right now is simplicity. I pinned the denim, white shirt photo from Wit and Delight's Tumblr and within 24 hours, it had been repinned over 200 times! So clearly I'm not the only one. And that extends to every other portion of my life. I want my diet to be simple (breakfast was a cup of tea, a banana and an avocado). Getting dressed in the morning is pretty easy when you're as dull as I am right now. All black, a splash of color. Sometimes neutrals. Done. And as far as romantic compassion, I want to love you and I want you to love me. Let's just keep things plain for a moment, shall we? Stop, stand here with me. Feel the wind on your face.

Shirt from Old Navy. It's an incredibly good deal.

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Rebecca McTee said...

I'm with ya on all fronts. Though getting dressed for me is harder. If I had a pair of jeans that fit (I took them all to the tailor to be taken in and hemmed (I shrunk) and they took them in and hemmed them too much. Muffin top and high-whatevers aren't my style; I live in sweats and dresses) and a white shirt then I'd wear that outfit. But lately I've just been making my way through every dress in my closet. Starting with the sparkly ones.