Friday, February 24, 2012

Tunnelvision - Here We Go Magic

So you may not know this (but you probably do), but I miss London with all my heart. Every day even. I've decided to go back this spring for a visit (on top of this summer for a wedding), but I am so afraid of flying by myself that just buying the ticket is a terrifying experience. Hence I keep sitting on it, like it's going to magically buy itself. I need to have a Ticket Buying Party and gather all my friends around me to cheer me on, thus making it completely unavoidable.

Any way these postcards by Emma Cowlam from Illustrated Paper Company were just another reminder this morning. It's as if the world is gently nudging me, saying "don't be a pussy".

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meredyth said...

Here is me, nudging. Go! I will be so vicariously happy for you, not only because London is awesome and I want to go there, but because I know you want to be there so badly. Go, and wear pretty sundresses.

Or, you know, come to Austin, but honestly, I say London first!