Friday, March 30, 2012

Guess Who - Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra

I'd like to thank James for making sure to circle my head here with an arrow. Just in case anyone in my family missed it or confused me for the man to right. And with that I officially retire from my career as a human backdrop. Way too much pressure. Do I smile? No, it's serious. But if I don't smile I look like I'm frowning and then everyone's going to lament to me "Why did you frown so much, standing there?"
So instead I just looked towards the clouds, or rather the roof snipers. I am the worst backdrop ever.

Things I Like About The President:

- He apologized for keeping us all waiting when he greeted us in the meeting room, humility.
- He repeats people's names when meeting them, awareness.
- He seems pretty normal.

Now let's get to the good stuff. Whenever I go to the White House for whatever event, I find myself prancing in front of my wardrobe the night before. Knowing there's a small chance I'll be on television, puts a small spin on my ordinary dressing. I was happy I went with light colors instead of dark suits like so many of my backdrop cohorts. So I ended up with:

Scarf from H&M.
Top from Alexander Wang (bringing the A. Wang to the WH).
Trousers by Adam (one size too big for the desired slouch).
Shoes by Nine West.

Just serious enough to say, "This is serious stuff."
But just casual enough to say "This is Aja."

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