Sunday, April 22, 2012

Call Me - Blondie

Recently in a moment which could only be described as madness (fueled by white wine), I declared that I had yet again lost my phone.  Oh the tragedy.  I dug through my bag twice, dumping out all the contents out before announcing to the entire dinner party (sis, James, new friend Candi, Mike and Lisa + the roommates) that I had lost my phone.  And I had to make an important call as well!  I gathered my keys and told them all I would be back in a flash.  I ran out of the door and realized I forgot my umbrella as I dodged the chilly spring rain drops on my walk home.  Once in the door, I tore apart my bedroom, pulled the cushions off the couch, but alas, no cigar.  A few moments later I heard my front door pop open.  It was Mike, who had walked down to my house to let me know, my phone had been at my sister's house all along.  When I returned back to the party, there was a message waiting for me from my phone evidently. It said:

"Hey.  this is your phone.  just wanted to say you are a dumbass because you were sitting on me.  love, your phone."

I shit you not. 
When I start carrying around my new Retro Pop Receiver with me, this will not happen again! 

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L.R. said...

The panic that hits you when you think you've lost your phone is so terrible. I lose mine at least once a day in my big stupid purse. That handset might not be a bad idea! Love the color!