Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wonderland - Janelle Monae

Lately I've thought about why I don't do more outfit posts.  There is no simple answer but I am a lazy outfit blogger, which is a crying shame because I live with a photographer!!  But every now and then I corral him into taking my photo.  Very rarely do all the elements come together.  For instance if being wrinkled were a "thing".  It would be my thing.  My make up is rarely polished in that way where other bloggers nail it.  And I get bored standing there.  This is what I wore to the Washington Ballet's Alice in Wonderland.  The show was magnificent and that last pose was flamingo inspired.

Dress -  Whistles
Shoes - Sam Edelman 

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L.R. said...

I was really wanting to see that dress on you! It's perfect and the color is so good on you. I'm super jealous of those shoes!

Yay outfit post!