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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Coelophysis - Douster

I cannot believe I forgot to look for the Marni S/S10 show this season. I was so wrapped up my job that it slipped by me. But as usual Marni did not disappoint. You want to look like a hot art teacher teaching a semester in Provence? This is your brand. And quite frankly the three things which I own by Marni have maintained their place as some of my best pieces in my wardrobe. Consuelo Castiglioni does not shy away from the pattern of muted tones and summery, art deco style prints but you know that saying about if it ain't broke . . . .

(All photos:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where Is My Mind? - Pixies

Definitition of "insanity" by Albert Einstein: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

This is how I feel about malls lately. Poor selection. Being lied to by sales assistants who tell you you are "killing it", when you know you look like a beached whale. Seeing the same boring cuts in a variety of terrible colours.

You see, I have badun-a-dunk. Also known as junk-in-the-trunk, less eloquently referred to as "lady lumps". I cover them accordingly. Never will I suffer from muffin top or pants that fit too small in the thigh. I'd rather spend a small fortune at Outnet.

And spend I did. Winter is coming. I can't wear dresses to work forever! The top pair are Alexander McQueen, the middle Vivienne Westwood and the last Maharishi. I know they won't all work and I'll end up with one or two pairs at most. And while they will be expensive I think that they'll last me for 2-3 years and I won't have to go through this tedious exercise in patience and persistence again soon. Plus, when I think about the gas I save and the precious time not wasted sorting through piles of crap, I smile. It is very much worth it.

I should open a law firm in "justifications". I'd make millions.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Always Be There - Basement Jaxx (I liked this song when I was 16 and visiting London)

Summer I love you, but you're bringing me down.

Work is slow. I don't see myself going on vacation. I am very uninspired (my outfits consist of tanks and shorts).

Nothing a trip to Dover Street Market can't fix. I never got the chance to visit the store in person but their comprehensive website is so detailed oriented, I feel as if I'm breathing London in. Of course they carry tons of Comme Des Garcons (Rei KAWAKUBO's influence as concept director, might have had some pull in that direction). I love my green wallet so much, that I have decided that my next wallet will be from Comme Des Garcons too. I've got my eye on the orange. . . but that could change. I really should have kept the blue one which I also received for Christmas.

Dover Street Market carries the Comme Des Garcons perfume line, "Leaves". When I use to wear "Calamus", I always got comments about my unusual fragrance. It's very unusual indeed. I know that calamus is an actual plant (pictured above), but to me, the perfume smells of the leaves of a tomato plant. Leafy, green and fresh.

I've never been a die hard Ferragamo fan (I always find vintage Ferragamos at Salvation Army). . . but their selection looks inviting to the point where I could see myself trying on all of them!

The Tom Binns jewelry caught my eye. I'm on a huge chunky jewelry kick these days, since my outfits are so limited and plain.

Hussein Chalayan's clothes always awe me. . . and I love the way the pieces look so neatly arrange in this minimal setting.

No, I don't get the covered faces either. But the draping that Junya Watanabe provides is a fashion aphrodisiac to me (in a former life, I like to think that perhaps I was an art teacher).

The Yves St. Laurent display seems inviting and warm. I think that's what I like most about Dover Street Market. All the displays are so inviting and fun, I can see how anyone would want to spend hours in this shop, just oohing and ahhing.

And finally. . .any amazing store worth their salt has a cafe where you can ditch your grumpy boyfriend or friend who simply doesn't get "what all the fuss is about".

Doesn't the food look amazing? Or am I just hankering for a late night snack?

(Photos: Dover Street Market and Wikipedia )